The purpose of "Kat's Hat" is to provide identified families in the community with funds to help during the holidays. 

As we know, Key West is an expensive place to live. Single parent families and two parent families with multiple jobs have increased levels of stress trying to make ends meet. Add the pressure of providing during the holidays, and the stress and guilt can be insurmountable.  ​These funds are to be used at their discretion to pay bills, buy presents for their children, and to help put food on the table. ​
All of the donations to "Kat's Hat" will go directly to the families. 

Thank Yous & Testimonials 

Dear Santa, 
I am writing to thank you for your generosity.  I am a single mother and I am undergoing a chemotherapy treatment.  Tanks to your gift, my children were able to have a magical holiday. I am very, very grateful for your generosity. 
Dear Santa, 
Words cannot express how truly grateful and blessed my family was this holiday season.  After what had turned out to be one of the most difficult months of my life, I was able to provide my son a magical Christmas thanks to our generosity.
Dear Secret Santa, 
I am a single dad, his stocking was empty. When Mrs Sue called me that morning and told what you had for me, I teared up! How wonderful! I filled Gray's stocking, bought him presents, send out gift cards to my grown kids and grand kids. You are amazing and kind hearted.  I hope one day to be able to bless others as you do. Thank you so very much.
Dear  Santa, 
I am originally from Peru, 15 years apart from my family.  Being a single mom is sometimes hard. I always believed that Santa was for kids, now I believe that Santa comes for Moms too. I want you to know that your generosity , it means a lot to me.  Also it helped me to set up a nice Christmas Dinner for my family.