Bill Basiliko  |  President

Bill ​Basiliko is Kat's younger brother. As a tribute to her, he has set up different programs to honor her in Key West.  He was a licensed clinical social worker in Oregon for almost 20 years, working with children and families.  He currently co-runs a commercial real estate business in Washington, DC.  Bill resides with his partner, Marcus Lundell, in Key West eight months out of the year and on the north coast of Oregon the other four. 

Marcus Lundell  |  Vice President

Marcus Lundell is Kat's "brother-in-law". He along with his partner Bill have set up different programs in Key West to honor Kat. Marcus is a retired United Airlines Crew Member. He is an artist in Key West, with a unique style of painting on glass in reverse. His work can be seen in several galleries in Key West.  Marcus resides with his partner, Bill Basiliko, in Key West eight months out of the year and the on north coast of Oregon the other four. 

Sharon Axelrod  |  Secretary

Sharon Axelrod started her career as a licensed social worker for DYFS of NJ working in the forster care sytem.  She now runs a sourcing company and, through this company, she has mentored many young designers.  As life paths continue to evolve, she enjoys spending much of her free time supporting the needs of the children in her second home town of Key West.

Martin Hirsch  |  ​Treasurer

Martin Hirsch, born and raised in New York, joined his family business after college and continues the legacy as a product sourcing agent along with his wife selling to National retail stores across the United Sates. An avid amateur photographer, he also helps with several local nonprofits in Key West, geared to the needs of children in the community.

Kelley Samuel  |  Accountant

​Kelley has been a Washington DC resident for over 30 years and is looking forward to more frequent Key West travels.  After working in the DC foodservice operations industry, from hotels to restaurants, in 2003 she opened her own restaurant consulting business assisting restaurateurs with financial analysis, operations management and accounting services.  In her spare time she can be found involved in her Capitol Hill neighborhood community activities, enjoying fine wines, her husband and two dogs.